July 5, 2019

 “Put simply, it’s one of those rare voices so buff it hurts, yet simultaneously so sweetly melodic it beguiles.” - Randy Radic, RAWCKUS MAGAZINE


July 6, 2019

”In the second verse of “Twisted,” the sparkling, sensual and dreamy but delightfully danceable breakthrough single from Giadora, the emerging R&B influenced alt-pop singer sings about a mercurial lover casting a spell that leaves her hypnotized.” - Jonathan Widran, THE JW Vibe


July 9, 2019

“Giadora harbors a potentially transformative talent for genre crossover you don’t often hear. She sounds like that, in time, she can and will do it all.” - Gwen Waggoner, Scope Magazine


“Los Angeles based pop vocalist Giadora hits an early high point in her career with her first single release “Twisted”.” - Clay Burton, IMAAI (Independent Music and ARts incorporated)


“Giadora stands out from the raft of aspiring young pop stars, any gender, vying for the spotlight and sustainable careers.” - Jamie Morse, Indie music reviews


“First class vocalist with the kind of talent capable of carrying careers” - INDIESHARK


“Debuts do not come much better than this.” - Michael Rand, MobAngeles


“The mix of varying musical and lyrical elements making “Twisted” stand apart from a field of imitators and contemporaries is not something you can rehearse; instead, it is something you are born and blessed with.” - Bethany Page, Vents Magazine

“To my fans, anything is possible if you try hard enough. Life has ups and downs, even when the downs feel like they last forever, they don’t. I hope my songs can help people with whatever they are going through and make them feel that they are not alone.” - B-Squared Magazine Interview