Fearless in her daring to be vulnerable yet brimming with soul confidence via her timeless and world-wise vocal style, emerging Los Angeles based singer songwriter Giadora brings a fresh, youthful yet sharply sophisticated perspective to the contemporary musical landscape. Drawing on a uniquely expansive array of influences – from pop/soul icons Adele and Amy Winehouse to First Lady of Song Ella Fitzgerald, blues/rock jazz legend Etta James and alt pop-punk bands Blink-182 and My Chemical Romance - the multi-talented performer blends insightful, heartfelt and clever storytelling with a unique R&B/alternative/pop vibe.

Making an immediate impact and holding nothing back, Giadora’s debut single, the sensually hypnotic, dreamy but eminently danceable “Twisted,” offers a powerful showcase for a voice that is all at once ethereal and deeply soulful.

Produced by VIISION- a longtime member of UK R&B pop family supergroup Five Star - the track’s infectious grooves and sultry, atmospheric flow create an ironic counterbalance to the singer’s edgy, pointed lyrics about being caught under the spell of a deceitful lover who seduced her by presenting a false front. By the end of the song, however, Giadora turns the tables on him, defiantly declaring, “I’ll leave you twisted/By my darling highs/I’ll wear you down enough/And make it hard to forget your tries/...You’re a mad one, baby, but I’ll be more twisted than you.”  “Twisted” is the first of several singles she will be dropping this year. 

While Giadora spent her middle and later teens recording, posting videos and performing around Los Angeles as an acoustic-oriented indie artist, her subsequent development and creative soul searching led her to discover her true voice as an artist with the hands-on input of Viision. She knew about his history working with other up and coming independent R&B and pop artists, and when they met, they developed an immediate collaborative rapport.

“I felt that he instinctively got the sound I heard for myself in my head,” Giadora says. “I would give him an idea for what I was thinking for a song and he would come back with an incredible full production that fulfilled and went beyond my expectations. The demo of ‘Twisted’ that I presented had just my voice and piano accompaniment and he suggested we make it more of a mid-tempo dance tune, which changed the dynamic completely. I love how that feeling contrasts so powerfully with the dark and sad lyrics I wrote.” 

Growing up as much a Disney Radio Kid (Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana, The Jonas Brothers) as a fan of Adele, Amy, Ella, Etta, et al, Giadora can’t remember a time when she wasn’t singing. She started playing guitar at 10 and piano at 13. Somewhere in the middle of that, she began writing songs (around age 11) as emotional therapy, posting her first tunes to social media in middle school and receiving encouragement from her friends. 

She spent her high school years honing her songwriting craft and developing her intimate vocal style while performing covers and originals at a variety of L.A. hotspots, including Room 5, Kulak’s Woodshed, Berklee LA (Santa Monica), the Black Rose Tavern, Guitar Merchant and AMPLYFi. Now that she’s a bona fide pop artist, she promises that her shows in the future will be more performance oriented, with backing tracks and a DJ instead of just her and an acoustic guitar.

“I’ve spent the past few years writing new material and working with different songwriters and producers to figure out and help me discover what I feel is authentic to who I am and where I want to be as an artist,” Giadora says. “I have always written songs that are more pop oriented than indie, and I feel I have been evolving towards this more mainstream sound for a long time. I’m so grateful to Viision for helping me achieve my goals and develop my confidence and artistry. I cannot imagine doing anything but music as my life’s work and I’m excited for people to hear the music that reflects the real me.”  


Written by Jonathan Widran  5/27/19